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July 27, 2012
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I lazily open my (e/c)eyes. I take a quick look around and see that I,m in an unfamiliar room and that I was curled up on a bed with the British flag on the pillows and

blankets. " I must've fallen asleep in England's arms, they were so warm and snugly," I thought. I let out a small yawn as I stretch my small body. I turn around and see a

window with see through dark green curtains. The orange rays of light peek through the glass. " The rain probbably stopped a while ago,"I thought. Then I see England walk into

the room as he greets me with that same warm smile. He walks to the bed and sits by me. He then cuddles me behind the ears and nicely asks" How are you feeling love?" I

answerback with a small meow and stare at him. Soon a low grumbling sound comes from my tummy."Oh, I forgot that you haven't eaten yet, how silly of me," He says to me. He puts

me down on the bed and leaves the room. When he came back there was a small silver bowl in his hands. He walks over to me and places the bowl in front of me. I saw that there

was milk in it. I lean forward and lower my head towards the bowl. I lap the delicious milk with my small tongue. Soon all the milk is almost gone. Satisfied I sit back and

lick all the milk off my face. " How was the milk,love?" England chuckled for a bit." Well I suppose I can't call you love forever. I don't suppose you have a name or do you?"
I remember that I do have a name... When I was only a few weeks old..."______...oh, ______... wake up," a calming voice says. I flutter my (e/c)eyes open. I see my Mama

beside me where I lay. She then licks my (h/c)fur. I look around and see my other siblings playing. I being the runt of the litter can't exactly do what the others can.

______, the name my Mama gave me. when I was 3 months old Mama died because of our
abusive owner. After that me and my siblings were abandoned on the cruel streets. Soon we

encountered a stray dog that chased us and we got separated from eachother. I lost the dog but I never got to see the others again.
                        ~end of flashback~
England puts me to lay by his chest as he lays on the bed, thinking. I turn my head and notice a book on the nightstand next to the bed. I stand up from England's chest and walk

over to the edge of the bed. England noticed and was a bit curious since he looked towards me. I leap from the bed to the nightstand and face the book. " What do you have

there, love?"he asked. England then got out of the bed and went over to the nightstand to have a look of what I was doing. I used my paws to open the book and flip to a random

page. He leaned forward to take a closer look. I leaned forward and slowly pointed at the letters of my name. Moments passed before I again pointed to the letters of my

name. "________? is that what you want to be named?" England asked. I turn around to face him and reply with a nod. "________, that's a lovely name," he compliments. He then

carries me to the bed for more cuddling.

England's P.O.V.

When I got home the kitten was fast asleep in my arms. " It looks so innocent,"I thought.
I quickly go upstairs into my bedroom and gently place it on the bed. I walk over to the

bathroom right next to the bedroom and grab a white towel. I go to the room and sit on the bed and take of my coat and boots. I use the towel to dry myself off.  I look and see

the kitten sleeping peacefully. I smile at the sight. I get into the bed and sleep with the kitten beside me.
                ~England's dream P.O.V.~
I see a bright flash of light surround me everywhere. When the bright light cleared up I saw a bright and sunny day at a meadow. And in that meadow I saw a very pretty girl with

silk like (h/c)hair and beautiful (e/c)eyes. She smiled at me with a perfect smile. We walk over to eachother. " What's your name,love?"I ask."______," she says before a white

flash of light flashes everywhere.
                     ~end of dream~
I woke up and looked around for abit and stared at the kitten. " That girl that I saw in the dream... reminds me of this kitten,"I thought. I carefully get out of the bed so I

don't disturb the kitten. I went downstairs to the kitchen to make some tea.
              ~timeskip, about 30 minutes~
When I came back the kitten was awake.I greet it with a smile.I walk over to the bed and sit by it.I cuddle the kitten behind the ears." How are you feeling,love?" I ask. It

replies with a small meow. Soon I hear a low grumbling sound coming from the kitten's stomach." Oh, I forgot that you still haven't eaten yet."I go downstairs to the kitchen

and get a small silver bowl and some cold milk from the fridge. I pour the milk into the bowl and put the milk container back. I carefully walk to the room carefull not to spill

any of the milk. When I came back into the room I walked over to the bed and placed the bowl of milk in front of the kitten. It leaned forward and lap the milk with its small

tongue.Soon the milk was almost gone. Now the kitten sat back and licked the milk of of its face."How was the milk,love?" I chuckled for a bit. " Well I suppose I can't call you

love forever. I don't suppose you have a name, or do you?" I put the kitten on my chest to lay while I lay on the bed thinking of a name. The kitten turns its head towards the

direction of my nightstand.It stands up from my chest and walks over to the edge of the bed. I turn my head to look at the kitten."I'm a bit curious of what's it doing there,"I

thought. It leaped from the bed and to the nightstand and is now facing the book on it." What do you have there,love."I ask as I get out of the bed and go over to the nightstand

to see what it was doing. It used its paws to open the book and to flip to a random page. I leaned in forward to take a closer look. The kitten pointed to the letters of

something." What could that something be? A name? ______? The same name of that girl in that dream... Does this mean the kitten is a girl?...,"It took me moments to process what

just had happened. Again she repeated the letters of ______."______? is that what you want to be named?,"I asked. It turned around and gave me a nod. "______, that's a lovely name,"I compliment. Then I carry _____ to the bed for more cuddling.

So okay~ Here it is Part 2~
I just had an Idea~ about your siblings ending up with other countries~(actually reader)

Story-Me~ :iconichigochibigirl:
Hetalia-Hidekaz Himaruya

You- are you :iconoverlyjoyedplz:

part2: ~u are here person~
part3: [link]
part4: ~not here yet but promises a shirtless Iggy~

England: Please do comment, love~ and part 3 is finally here.

Ichigo: thanks Iggy~Any way part 4 has a shirtless Iggy~ for the fangirls~

England: Bloody hell...
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